Coaching from creativity, nature and beauty

My name is Maryse Groenewegen and I am a Being-oriented coach. From a body-oriented approach I help you to put yourself back in your power and to lead an inspired life, in which lightness, humor and creativity predominate.

Do you also want to live a lighter life with more energy? With more contentment, vitality, wisdom and sense of fulfillment? Living in harmony with yourself?

If you can look at yourself with a friendly and inviting attitude and embrace what is in your life, you will see and experience that whatever may seem difficult or even impossible at first, isn’t difficult at all.

It is our resistance that stands in our way. But you know, you always have a choice.

Together we will shine light upon your beliefs that keep you away from your strength.

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful sunset or a twinkling starry sky? In nature we can feel that we are part of something bigger…

Nature also radiates peace, does not judge and gives you the space to be completely with yourself.
Nature thus provides the ideal environment for a coaching session in which all elements from nature play a role and come together.

But nature also provides material that you can feel, smell, hear and with which current themes can be symbolized. You will understand why these themes are constantly repeated in your life and how you can free yourself from them.

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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


About Maryse

Maryse Groenewegen - portret - Zijnsgeorienteerd coach en therapeut in regio Arnhem

Born in the tropics, I was lucky enough to grow up in an environment full of wild nature.
I felt connected and part of something bigger…
In the Netherlands my room was full of plants and I liked to draw and paint plants and animals. The unbelievable perfection fascinated me. The closer I looked, the more perfection I saw.

What I couldn’t see and understand then, but what I now realize is that we as humans are just as perfect, although we often can’t see that in ourselves and the other. But when you feel more deeply, every behavior turns out to be a result from goodness.
My mission is to make people aware of the beauty, love and creativity that lies within them and the immeasurable power to bring this out into the world.



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